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Remarkable Publishing Company Publishes
Hank Okoro’s New Book,
That Line Between Love & Hate; Emotions
Poems of Passion

At a time when poetry is increasingly sidelined by other literary genres, and marked as the boring piece of this tradition, Hank Okoro’s collection of poetry, That Line Between Love & Hate Emotions, is a welcome step toward offsetting this negative response. Powered by an innocence and a sincere expression that satisfies the personal feelings of the author, the poems in this collection are designed to speak casually yet forcefully, formally yet intimately, and simply yet richly. Although these poems are an accumulation of a poetic journey that Hank has embarked upon since 1997, they represent the early ripening of a budding poet who is realizing his first experience as an independent and freethinking lyricist.
That Line Between Love & Hate Emotions tells a story. It is a story of love, but one with subplots that prevent the trivialization of this theme. While love is celebrated, therefore, the concept is explored as resulting from a range of experiences, both uplifting and disheartening, and as embodying conflicting notions of the satisfactory and the disappointing. By the same token it is a passion that results, sometimes, in mixed emotions that are as colorful as they are challenging.
The author takes us on a journey that evolves from the personal to the universal. Following the first poem in the collection, the next five, beginning with My Dying Heart, plunge into the thematic highlight of the text, which is a tribute to the poet’s wife (affectionately referred to as Gorgeous), as well as a veneration of their union as husband and wife, as best friends, and as spiritual guide for each other.
Hank’s poetic, though not linear, trip climaxes in the poem, My Wedding Vow. After having undergone a social, psychological, and spiritual tour, a kind of rite-of-passage, he metamorphoses into a man who is ready for and capable of choosing a permanent lover and bride. In sync with this maturation, the next three poems, My Love, A Thought Of You, and A Walk In The Rain are reminiscent of the earlier poems that essentially eulogize Gorgeous. A Walk In The Rain is particularly emphatic about the freedom that the poet now enjoys. “How tight it feels,” Hank points out, “To be out free like a kite/ With the rain coming down on our faces.”

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